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microbladding Spring Hill, F
hiring nail-techs, permanent makeup artist, and female tattoo artist hiring in Spring Hill Florida
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Permanent cosmetic makeup
(Also known as micro pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, and intradermal pigmentation) is a
method of applying natural or synthetic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This technique has been medically developed and specifically designed for safe, permanent application. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of enhancements such as enhancement of eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lip color. This technique can also be used to treat skin irregularities, scars, and areolas
. Applied by a professional experienced practitioner, permanent cosmetics can give you the polished glamour of professionally applied makeup that will never flake, smudge or run and will stay with you day and night and last for years. At a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery, permanent tattoo makeup can instantly take years off your appearance, bring out and enhance your best features and correct minor and not so minor flaws and skin imperfections.
Free consultations!
Beneficial for those clients who:
* Are active and want to save time.
* Have poor eyesight.
* Are physically incapable of applying makeup.
* Wish to correct asymmetrical facial features.
* Desire freedom from make-up.
* Graying or thinning hair
*Scar Blending
* Chemotherapy Hair Loss
*Receding Hairline
* Cleft Lip Definition
makeup tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, Spring Hill, Floirda
Eyebrows Eyeliner Lips/Lip Liner/Full Lips
Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance your
face shape and frame your eyes without
dominating your features. Multi-colored hair
strokes can be blended for a soft, natural look.
How great it would be not to worry about
sweating or wiping your brows off. You’ll
never have to match them again.
Soft color can be applied as an enhancement
or a thicker defined line for a more dramatic
effect. Dimension is created by implanting more
color to the outer edges and tapering to the
middle. A smoky eye shadow look can also be
an alternative. No more runny, smudgy eyeliner.
Great answer for contact wearers, too.
Size, shape and color can be altered.
Accentuate the outer lip liner and blend color to the middle for a natural look. Correct a crooked lip line or just add definition. Lip enhancements helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and min-imizes the appearance of wrinkles.
Scars/Camouflage Alopicia Hair Loss
Camouflage is used for scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, thinning hair, cleft lips and more.. The procedure will help to smooth the skin in a scar as well as help it to match the surrounding area being virtually in detectable. Permanent Makeup can camouflage hair loss conditions, including Alopecia Areata Universalis, as well as Trichotillomania, and Post-Chemotherapy treatment hair loss. Medical Hair Simulation is a combination of the Artistic Hair stroke techniques which are designed for men and women that are planning to have or already have had a Hair Transplant or thinning of the hair. This technique will reduce the appearance of hair transplant scars, thin areas or accidents resulting in scars. Medical Hairline strokes is also used to add density to your hair transplant when donor hair is minimal.
Areola Area Corrections Wrinkle Needling
Restoration of a more natural appearance after breast reconstruction surgery.The Areola Pigmentation process provide clients with the final touches to complement the surgical process. Corrections from other salon services that were not performed correctly or the color is incorrect, can be fixed with color correction methods to ensure the natural look that you were looking for. *Skin Needling (dry tattooing) promotes your own natural re-production of the main elements “collagen” and “elastin” , making the skin appear smooth, tight and more youthful in appearance.The texture of the skin and large pores are drastically improved. Tissue adhesion under scars and wrinkles are released allowing collagen and elastin to rise to the surface optimizing the the repair and rapid healing.

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