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Client Testimonials

Samantha-permanent eyebrows
I am so happy I found Tina! I, out of the blue developed a disease called Alopicia in my 40s. I lost my hair along with my eyebrows and eyelashes. I went through injection treatments to try to regrow the hair but nothing worked. My doctor happen to have Tina's card on file and recommended I go see her and get a consultation (free I might add) to look into permanent cosmetic makeup. I did exactly that. And I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to open up to Tina about my situation and the mental pain I was going through as if she were my friend for years. She's just a doll. I was walked through the process and what to expect before, during, and after of the procedure of eyebrow tattooing. I immediately signed up. I felt so comfortable with her, her knowledge, her expertise, and most of all her bedside manner. The day of the procedure she took her time to make my brows the exact way I wanted and yet she make them 1000xs better than I ever could with my brow pencil. She just made me feel whole again, or at least my self confidence. Thank you Tina for giving me back to me. You are a wonderful gal and I will give your name to anyone who ever asks about my new brows. But unless they know my situation, they will never know...cause they look so "real".

Michelle T.-permanent eyeliner
I found Tina online while looking into permanent cosmetic makeup. Her website was quite informative and her pictures were the look I was looking for. After looking at many websites and noticing that there were repeated pictures on several of them, it made me leery if they have even done the work or just copied someone else's site pics for theirs. All of Tina's pictures are her own work. She is an exceptional artist and knows her work. My eyeliner came out perfect. I did the uppers and of course, 2 months later I came back for the lowers. I would refer Tina to every one I know and don't know. She is awesome.

Connie-Full Lips
I went to Tina because I was bit by a dog in my teens and unfortunately it left quite a scar on my lip. It was misshaped and drove me crazy every time I put lip liner and lip stick on. I found Tina online and went in for a conciliation. She took the time to inform me of the process and even drew on what the lip liner and color so I could see exactly what I was going to end up with if/when I were to get my lips done. I loved it. Of course I made my appointment and did it. Not only did Tina do my lips perfectly, she even tattooed a flesh color over my reddish scar and now you cannot even see it AT ALL! It's like it never existed. Unbelievable. I wish I found Tina 20 years ago.What a difference on my face and my spirit. Tina thank you so much for giving me my smile back. You are a LIFE saver. Thank you

Carol-permanent cosmetic eyebrows
When I get up in the morning I feel like I have my makeup on. I have color again. It literally took at least 10 years off me. Everyone who's seen me is impressed. The first question they asked is if it hurt. I told them Tina takes her time, lets the topical anesthetic really soak in to make it virtually painless. Her work is incredible. I always look in the mirror as soon as I get up to see if my eyebrows are still there. My husband said he's never met anyone who gets dressed up to go to bed. He says its cool. My wife is "tatted". lol All the women my age who have seen my eyebrows think its fabulous. I'm sending you a lot of friends girl. You are a blast!. I'm almost bragging..

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